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April 1, 2014
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February 4, 2015

The Magpie Oracle: Casting Shiny Objects for a Bright Future

The Magpie Oracle: Casting Shiny Objects for a Bright Future.

Diviners are a resourceful lot and for thousands of years they’ve made use of everyday items for oracle casting. Objects like bones, feathers, seeds and shells were charged as magical tools that built accurate results. In this gathering we will look at the rich history of collection oracles and how they were put to use. We will also discover the hidden forecast existing in the everyday by taking up the Magpie Oracle— a shiny modern casting oracle with an ancient kick. Together we will put to the test a number of casting traditions and overlay them with tarot, Lenormand, and numerology. Each will offer deep insight for finding immediate answers. This is one of my most attended and favorite workshop offerings as the take away is immediate and user friendly. Sample Magpie Oracles will be available on a first-come, first served basis. All levels welcome and encouraged.

Bio: Carrie Paris maintains a full time practice that cultivates divining solutions. She was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, is creator of the Magpie Oracle, the Dark Salon Lenormand (to be released in 2014), and is co-creator of the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck and, iOS app. Her tarot deck, Ghosts in the Machine, will be available in October of 2014. Carrie presents her work globally and can often be found wherever there is a gathering of diviners. She enjoys dividing her life in Santa Fe, California, and Europe with her husband, artist Rob Hampson and the World’s most psychic terrier, Rose-shine.

On a personal note, I first met Carrie at the Reader’s Studio in New York about four or five years ago. I was struck by several things about her at that first meeting, not the least of which is her killer style. Call me superficial, but I want to visit the inside of her closet! More importantly though, she radiated a sense of serene wisdom that made me think “This is a woman who has something profound to share.” Over the years, I have seen this proven time and again. Carrie is charismatic, magnetic, extremely intuitive, and able to convey profound concepts concisely and in an engaging and entertaining manner. She is exactly the kind of teacher that we need more of in this world. I do so hope you’ll join us for this very special event with Carrie Paris. 

Sincerely, Heatherleigh

PS – The last time I attended a session with Carrie, I was so moved by her presentation that it brought tears to my eyes, and I was not the only one. I highly recommend her. 

Saturday, May 3rd, 1-4pm at Boston Tea Room, 224 West 9 Mile Rd., Ferndale, MI 48220

$40 per person, by advance reservation only. Call 248-548-1415 to register, or visit online reservations at (click the “Workshops” tab, scroll down and sign up).

Boston Tea Room
Boston Tea Room
Heatherleigh Navarre is a renowned psychic medium and meditation coach, and manages the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan, one of two conscious living gift stores owned by her family for over thirty years. Her specialties are Tarot, spirit communication, and dream interpretation. She is also the founder of Middlepath Meditation, which provides group meditations and weekly classes. She lectures and teaches on a variety of topics, throughout southeast Michigan, and across the country. Find out more at

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