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December 13, 2011
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August 15, 2012

Saying goodbye to Hombre by Heatherleigh

I got a call tonight from a good friend who is currently dealing with a loss that so many of us have experienced. Two days ago, he sat with his 13 year old Jack Russell terrier in his lap as the vet administered the drugs that would end little Hombre’s days hear on earth.

We talked for a while about pets and other loved ones, about where they head off to once they’re no longer here with us, and about how we so often still feel their presence so strongly after they go. I’m a big believer in physics, and of course we all know that matter is energy and that energy never goes away, it merely changes form, and so I truly believe that Hombre has left his own energetic paw print behind, on my friend’s heart and mind. And for anyone else who might be going through this, I wanted to offer up the words I sent my friend:

Hey darling man,

Here’s the thing: most animals just aren’t anatomically designed to live as long as us. They weren’t meant in the divine order to be our life companions. They are our temporary blessing, and their presence and personality and love and even their death are a source of great learning and growth for us.

Hombre had incredibly blessed karmic imprints in order to have been in your life. He had a length and quality of life that is very rare among his species. Household pets owned by loving, aware, and spiritual caregivers are very often on kind of a “fast track” to a human incarnation, and it was his time to make the transition. It was also apparently your time for getting one more dose of the “letting go” lesson that we all end up having to learn a little bit at a time over the course of our lives, so that when our time to let go of our own brief little stint comes along, we won’t end up leaving claw marks on this life.

Just keep breathing, and try imagining where he will turn up next…as a kitty, or a seagull, or a little baby boy cradled in his new mother’s arms, and if that doesn’t make you feel at least a tiny bit better, I’ll be amazed.


Boston Tea Room
Boston Tea Room
Heatherleigh Navarre is a renowned psychic medium and meditation coach, and manages the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan, one of two conscious living gift stores owned by her family for over thirty years. Her specialties are Tarot, spirit communication, and dream interpretation. She is also the founder of Middlepath Meditation, which provides group meditations and weekly classes. She lectures and teaches on a variety of topics, throughout southeast Michigan, and across the country. Find out more at bostontearoom.com.

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