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[team_member fadein=”Fade Up” teamimage=”28″ teamname=”Rhonda” teamdescription=”Rhonda has practiced her intuitive and spiritual gifts in central and south-eastern Michigan for years before she came to the Tea Room in 1996. At the Tea Room, Rhonda uses tarot, crystal ball, tea leaves, palmistry, psychometry, spirit, picture reading and numerology and has built a devoted clientele. As a talented instructor, Rhonda teaches our popular Tarot classes, having trained and mentored several hundred students. She also teaches tea leaf reading and psychometry. She is available Wednesday-Sunday at the Wyandotte shop. Appointments are recommended. Home parties should be booked 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability.”]rhonda
[team_member fadein=”Fade Up” teamimage=”39″ teamname=”Kristy” teamdescription=”Kristy has been in touch with her intuitive abilities since childhood. She has been studying Tarot, metaphysical concepts and holistic healing for over 20 years. She specializes in tarot, oracle and picture reading, mediumship, numerology and intuitive counseling. Kristy is also a licensed massage therapist and is a certified in Reiki, energy healing, Shamanic healing techniques, Soul Retrieval and Spirit Channeling. Kristy conducts her readings with love, compassion, humor and encouragement. Her goals as an intuitive practitioner are to work with her clients toward gaining greater clarity and insight into life situations and to assist them in their personal journey to wellness of body, mind and spirit.”]kristy
[team_member fadein=”Fade Up” teamimage=”37″ teamname=”Sheryl” teamdescription=”Sheryl began doing readings in the early 1980s, and wrote a metaphysical newsletter “Moonshadows.” Sheryl is a psychic medium and does intuitive readings using Tarot, Past Life, Native American Medicine Cards, Runes, Lenormand, and leads one of the Boston Tea Room’s premier events “Coming Through“ sessions in spirit communication. She facilitates workshops at the tea room on Complementary Mediine and Stress, Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine and Earth Medicine and the Medicine Wheel. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Ayurvedic Medicine Educator through the American Institure of Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was formerly a nationally certified massage therapist practicing in the Downriver community.”]sheryl
[team_member fadein=”Fade Up” teamimage=”40″ teamname=”Sanda” teamdescription=”Sanda was born and educated in Romania. As an adult, she lived in Japan and Canada before coming to the USA in 2004. She has been a professional psychic reader since 2000. Sanda became fascinated with tarot, palmistry, and psychometry from an early age. Sanda believes that readings provide excellent guidance for clients, helping them to follow their minds and hearts on their amazing journey. She believes that the reading itself provides an opportunity to find light and healing. Sanda offers: Tarot, palmistry, psychometry, stones, and pychic drawing.”]sanda
[team_member fadein=”Fade Up” teamimage=”274″ teamname=”Beverly” teamdescription=”Born as an indigo child, she has always possessed the ability to communicate with the spirit world.She is a psychic with more than 15 years experience helping individuals, families, groups and even businesses. Her readings will give you honest insight on your life and the people around you. She has the ability to look into your past, present and future, communicating with your spirit guides and loved ones. She has the ability to help you understand yourself and others. She specializes in tarot cards, life cycles, numerology, dream interpretation, picture readings, and intuitive counseling sessions.”]beverly-button
[team_member fadein=”Fade Up” teamimage=”802″ teamname=”Lee Ann” teamdescription=”A new resident to Michigan, Lee Ann recently moved from Asheville, North Carolina where she read tarot professionally and taught various workshops regarding tarot, meditation, magick and psychic protection. Naturally intuitive, Lee Ann has been working with Tarot and its many facets for over twenty years. She combines her knowledge of tarot with the gift of intuition to give honest, clear, and insightful readings. She feels tarot is an amazing tool to be used for spiritual growth and self-empowerment; a map toward one’s true goals and higher purpose.”]leeann