The Boston Tea Room Mission

At Boston Tea Room, our mission is to provide tools and services to help people explore their own spiritual path and support them on the journey.

Boston Tea Room owner, Heatherleigh Navarre

Boston Tea Room is a woman-owned business that was founded and has been run by my family for over 40 years. Four generations of us have worked here, from my great-aunt to my nieces and even my granddaughters. We’re proud of our family legacy, of the many awards we have earned, but most of all - the community we’ve built. Today, I’m supported in this work by a diverse team of more than a dozen people, along with a talented roster of the region’s best psychics, mediums, intuitive counselors, tarot readers and teachers. All of us are committed to carrying on the tradition of excellent customer service and a welcoming and meaningful experience for every single visitor to our shop.

Our team is ready to help you navigate your path seven days a week. Offering tarot, mediumship, workshops, meditation, and more, with the highest integrity, and a sincere belief in the wisdom of living an examined life.

We are devoted to the Detroit area, and to Michigan, and are committed to giving back globally and locally, and a portion of our proceeds goes to Alternatives for Girls, Jeanette Rankin Foundation, Ferndale Pride, Detroit Will Breathe, and organizations that support environmental and human rights.

We’ve been awarded the top honor in our field and named “Best of Detroit” by readers of the Metro Times, the Free Press, Between the Lines, and Hour Detroit Magazine. Our clients include members of federal, state, and local law enforcement, politicians, Grammy-winning entertainers, and athletes, including members of the Detroit Red Wings.

We complete our mission by...

  • Providing the most talented and respected psychics, practitioners and teachers available, who are passionate about helping you move forward in life, achieve your goals, and gain lasting peace and happiness
  • Seeking out products from around the world that are designed and crafted with care - by artisans, makers, farmers who are ethical in their practices, and respect their workers, and the earth
  • Offering those products and services in a comfortable, beautiful environment
  • Making sure our staff are knowledgeable and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Respecting the broad diversity of our community, and the many different spiritual paths of our visitors, and making sure that each person knows they are welcome, and are valued