How do I avoid psychic fraud?

Protect yourself from 'psychics' who are more interested in your bank account than your well-being. Be wary of practitioners who:

  • Hesitate to give prices over the phone or don't have a printed price list.
  • Encourage frequent visits such as daily or weekly (they just want more money).
  • Tell you not to tell any one else about your readings (they're afraid you might be talked out of spending your money).
  • Try to collect more than the price originally quoted. Never, never, never pay more than the price originally quoted.
  • Guarantee results--offer 'money back' guarantees. (Once they have your money, you'll never see it again).
  • Tell you there is an evil curse on you--and that only they can help you. (It's just not true).
  • Say they are 99 or 100% accurate (no one is 100% accurate).
  • Offer to pray for you (light candles, build altars, etc.) for a price. Your prayers and the prayers of family and friends are far more effective.

Such tactics are employed by the unscrupulous. Getting caught in their snares can be costly and emotionally devastating. Protect yourself and others!! The best thing to do is let others know so they won't be taken in by the scammer(s).

  • First, report unscrupulous psychics to local authorities. Call the police (your local non-emergency police station number).
  • Call the mayor or city council member and local media outlets letting them know you believe there is a threat to the public.
  • If there is a local business association or Chamber of Commerce, lodge a complaint with them.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau too.
  • Tell your friends.
  • Be as specific as possible in your complaints. Have names, addresses and dates if possible.

Unscrupulous psychics and con artists of all types count on your feelings of foolishness to protect them. They hope you'll be too embarrassed to cause them any trouble. Show them that they are wrong.

How do I get the most out of my reading?

  • You must be willing to have a reading or it will not go well. Do not allow others to pressure you before you are ready.
  • Take a few deep breaths, relax and remain open minded. Think about the two or three things that concern you the most. Don't worry, your reading won't be limited to these questions.
  • Our readers are carefully-screened, genuine psychics. Although one reader is not better than another they do have different styles so after a few visits you may have a personal favorite.
  • Readers have psychic insight, not super powers, so help move your reading forward by letting them know when they are on the right or wrong track.
  • Predictions are based on the probable outcome of your current situation.
  • Our readers try to avoid giving you bad news about events that can not be changed. When it is unavoidable, they try to be as tactful as possible. They will also warn you about future events that you can alter or control by exercising your free will.
  • You may not hear what you'd like in a reading - that doesn't mean that your reading isn't accurate - wait a month or so before you decide. If you decide the reading was definitely not satisfactory please let us know so that we can address the problem.
  • If you have any suggestions, ideas, or criticism that will help us serve you better please let us know as we can work toward complete customer satisfaction.

How often should I get a reading?

  • There is no hard and fast rule on this, but most good psychics will recommend no more than once a month.  Many people get fewer readings, and that's fine too. If something comes up that is bothering you, it's all right to come back sooner, but this should be the exception and not the rule.

Should I tip?

  • Although tipping is not required it is always appreciated. If you enjoyed your reading and would like to leave a tip, you may do so in cash in the reader's room (there will likely be a tip jar on the table) or you may leave the tip directly to your Reader via their Venmo, Cashapp, or Paypal. Our staff can give you the details.


Are children allowed in the Tea Room?

  • Children are allowed in the Tea Room. However, for their safety and enjoyment and that of other patrons, children under 12 must be attended by an adult at all times. Remember, as a parent you may have learned to tune out some of your child's more distracting behaviors, but other patrons may not share this ability, so if your child(ren) becomes loud or disruptive, please take them outside.
  • BTR employees cannot under any circumstances supervise your child while you are having a reading. It is not permissible to have your child accompany you into the reading room, unless they are an infant or young toddler who can remain calmly on your lap for the duration of your session. Many people, including the readers, often find that it is simply too distracting. For these reasons is necessary that you make other arrangements for your child during your session.


Can my child have a reading?

  • We do not recommend readings for any one under 18. Exceptions may be made at the Ferndale location only with the approval of  BTR management in advance. Permission of a parent or guardian is required. For younger clients, Palm reading is recommended when an exception is made.

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