• Maureen McDonald
    “Amid almost debilitating flu I went out to the Boston Tea Room for an errand of mercy. I’d figured to find a pair of medicine pouches or necklace vials I could place the cremated ashes of my parents into wearable jewelry for my brother. Heather the owner was most kind, showed me several options and offered compassion. I picked the hand made leather ones with a crystal tied to the front. At home I lit a Yahrzeit memorial light for both of my parents. Played Cat Stevens. And filled the receptacles. Then I found a photo album with the happiest pictures of my parents on Caribbean cruises and sent a packet along in a padded envelope with the sealed pouches. Christmas is for giving, and forgiving. My brother isn’t easy, but we share the same parents. Now he can share them close to his heart.” Maureen McDonald
    Maureen McDonald
  • Dayna Harris
    “I have been a customer of the shop for years. I frequented it while in Wyandotte and most recently visited the Ferndale location. I had a couple’s reading with my fiancé over a month ago and the reading was less than satisfactory. This was very disappointing but most importantly a first. I expressed my displeasure with the experience and not only did the owner reach out to me in an effort to find out the issue, she offered a new reading with a different reader. Her compassion and quick response spoke volumes and restored my confidence with  the company. We got a phenomenal reading with Sanda, a reader I had had wonderful experiences with in the past. My fiancé (a first timer) was sooo blown away at her accuracy and her kind and sweet spirit. She was dead-on with everything!! It meant so much that HeatherLeigh reached out so quickly to inquire about my issue and did everything to rectify the situation…all with sincerity and a wonderful spirit. Beyond happy and once again a loyal customer!!!”
    Dayna Harris
  • Magdalena V.
    “I’ve always loved coming to the Boston Tea Room. Their selection of metaphysical books, stones, candles, cards, and other items are always great to buy and their readings are always very insightful and fascinating. A great staff, a very nice set up, and of course, great tea!”
    Magdalena V.
  • Cindy F.
    “Last year Kristy told me in a reading that she saw a health issue coming having to do with my neck or throat, and sure enough, I just had surgery to remove a lymph node, and the doctors are checking for lymphoma, as well. She predicted the timing as well. Wow, how right she was, and how grateful I am for the heads-up. You really have wonderful staff.”
    Cindy F.
  • Anne R.
    “I had my last reading with Charise and she was phenomenal! So down to earth too!”
    Anne R.
  • Angie P.
    “Just want to give a shout out to your wonderful reader, William. I went for a reading yesterday afternoon and it was my first reading with William. He was absolutely AMAZING! When the first few cards were turned over I knew that my question was going to be answered but I didn’t know that he was going to blow me away! I have been getting readings for over 20 years but I can honestly say that it was the most accurate reading that I have ever had and I barely had to say a word. I could go on and on but I think I made my point. I will definitely be seeing William again for my next reading.”
    Angie P.
  • Eugenia Gorgon
    “I am in Love with. the Boston Tea Room THE PEOPLE WITH IN ARE SO WONDERFUL Visit you won’t be sorry!!!!!”
    Eugenia Gorgon
  •  Michelle Potratz
    “I’ve had several readings with Kristy, and she’s not only accurate, but also very gentle and compassionate.”
    Michelle Potratz
  • Brandi Boldiszar
    “The Boston tea room is an unbelievable place of positive spiritual, peaceful vibes and a very friendly and helpful staff. The psychics and readers are also very dead on and unique. Originality at its finest. Nothing fake about this place! If you’re looking for good readings, awesome classes, and a place of clarity (not too mention delicious tea) Boston tea room is your place. Peace and love.”
    Brandi Boldiszar
  • Jeanette Stahl
    “Had the opportunity to visit your store today. Really enjoyed it. So much to see…so much to buy, found a perfect Christmas gift. I came with my friend who had never been to a metaphysical store. She was amazed and will be returning with her daughter who lives nearby but was not aware of your place. The Boston Tea Room has something for everyone and it’s a great place to crack open doors of closed minds, letting in light and awareness.”
    Jeanette Stahl
  • Alex
    “Enjoyed my reading today with Makeeba!! EVERYTHING was on point. Im ready for 2016!! Im so grateful for her gift ♡♡♡♡♡♡”
  • Portia Taalib-Irvin
    “I’ve been to the Boston Tea Room about a dozen times over the last two years and every visit has been a pleasure.”
    Portia Taalib-Irvin
  • Christina Em
    “Had my first reading with Alexandria!! She was great and really put a lot of things into perspective for me. I have a lot to look forward to in 2016 to put me where I want to be in life.”
    Christina Em
  • Aimee Rewitz
    “Just had a reading with Makeeba and she is so great!! I felt like I was sitting with a longtime friend having a chat! Thank you so very much, I will definitely be back!!”
    Aimee Rewitz
  • Cece Haggerty
    “Very kind people welcoming and had my first reading ever today & the psychic, Alexandria, was so nice & was spot on. Its truly a wonderful & cool gift some people have & I always love stopping in at the store calming & really cool nice people.”
    Cece Haggerty
  • Patty F.
    “The class was so interesting and Heatherleigh is such a wonderful teacher and person. All my classmates were terrific too. It was a great place to talk and share. Another fabulous experience at Boston Tea Room.”
    Patty F.
  • Lindsey
    “I had a 30 minute reading with Kim. Not only did the reading “make sense”, but I was impressed with how caring and comforting she was. She’s a respectful, intelligent individual who, after only 30 minutes, I found to truly admire. She helped talk me through some hard issues particularly with family and a recent devastation in the romance department. ….I went in with an open mind and walked out feeling more positive about myself all around. What also impressed me is that Kim is in the medical field; something that requires a lot of logical thinking. The fact that she’s incredibly logical but can also open up spiritually really inspired me. She’s great at what she does, and I hope to come back and see her again one day!”
  • Roberta M.
    “I love the Boston Tea Room, where else can you go and have such great conversations where everyone is willing to share and encourage each other without judgement……Heatherleigh has such insights and generously shares her wisdom.”
    Roberta M.